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Classic Football Kit started as an eBay store in 2018 as a result of a life-long love of vintage football shirts. We launched our new website in April 2020 in order to expand our audience. Our aim is to share our passion for original, genuine classic football shirts by providing customers with a range of retro football shirts and modern football shirts from the teams and players that made us all fall in love with the beautiful game.

Our catalogue of vintage football kit ranges from the legends of the game, who etched their names into the footballing hall of fame, to modern day players currently playing in the major leagues from around the world.

Original & authentic classic football shirts

Each retro football kit is inspected by a member staff with years of experience in authenticating genuine, original classic football shirts. This ensures that we deliver on our promise that all the retro football tops sold on our site are original, official football shirts that meet the high level of quality expected by our customers, whether they are old football kits from your local football club, to iconic classic football jerseys worn by World Cup winners.

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Take a look at our range of classic football tops to own your own piece of football history. We have vintage football jerseys covering the:

As well as the top European and UK clubs, across teams such as:
To the European powerhouses like:

As well as many more across the site. We also stock shirts from nations across the world, including: 

European Nations:

South American Nations:
African Nations

Rest of the World Nations:

And many more. To legends of the game, such as:
Plus jackets: 
Alongside many more across the site. 

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