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A selection of original, vintage Lampard Chelsea shirts including classic home and away Lampard shirts worn by the English legend throughout his career. We also have Lampard England shirts and a range of iconic Frank Lampard shirts and jerseys from across his playing days for Chelsea and England.

Had Frank Lampard never put pen to paper with Chelsea, the club's history would look radically different. There would be more space in the trophy cabinet, for starters – as it happened, by the time he left Stanford Bridge in 2014, it was groaning with the weight of silverware. He was the poster boy for a dizzyingly successful era at Stanford Bridge and would become utterly synonymous with the club. 

After signing for Chelsea from West Ham – a club where he was never really appreciated by the fans – in 2001, Lampard won 11 trophies, including the club's first Premier League and Champions League successes which Roman Abramovich had so lusted after. In every one of those triumphs, Lampard was instrumental, both on the pitch and in an almost spiritual sense too. 

One of the most telling moments of his Chelsea career came after Didier Drogba netted the winning penalty in the Champions League Final against Bayern Munich in 2012. While the rest of his Chelsea teammates hurtled from the halfway line towards Drogba, Lampard headed in the opposite direction, towards the Chelsea fans. It was wonderfully emblematic of his unique affinity with the fanbase. 

Lampard was a rare bird in more than one sense. What happened between his temples was as important as his ability with a ball at his feet. There was a level of intelligence and elan in his game which English football has seldom seen. He was able to interpret space and change the rhythm of a game in a heartbeat. 

His viper-like instincts made him a born goalscorer, as deadly as any striker in Premier League history when an opportunity presented itself. He finished his career as Chelsea's all-time leading goalscorer. Only four players have scored more times in the Premier League than him – a remarkable achievement for a midfielder.

Lampard earned over a century of England caps too. While the anticipated silverware never materialised, he represented his country at five major tournaments and scored 29 goals over the course of his international career – enough to put him among the top ten England goalscorers of all-time. 

After leaving Chelsea, Lampard had a one-season spell with Manchester City before leaving English football for the MLS. Seeing this Chelsea great in a lighter shade of blue felt somehow wrong. It summed up just how interwoven his legacy was with the club. It will be a long time before Chelsea have another icon like him. 

Throughout Lampard’s career he’s worn some classic kits. Check out our range of Lampard shirts above.

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