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A selection of original, vintage Steven Gerrard football shirts including classic home and away Gerrard kits worn by the English legend throughout his career. Authentic and iconic old Gerrard jerseys from his playing days at Liverpool and England.

There is a sense of nobility and mythos which surrounds the one-club man. In a footballing landscape where money reigns supreme, that a player would stick with his boyhood club for the duration of his career is a charming peculiarity – especially when he had the opportunity to move elsewhere.  

Steven Gerrard wasn't quite a one-club man. He spent the sunset years of his career with LA Galaxy. But his loyalty to Liverpool was unquestionable, unrelenting, undying. Born in Whiston on Merseyside, Gerrard joined the Liverpool academy in 1989 as a nine-year-old. He spent the next 26 years at the club, finally saying farewell aged 35.

His was a curious career, successful but arguably not as trophy-laden as it should – or could – have been. Famously, his triumphs were limited to cup competitions. In one sense, it's a shame that perhaps Liverpool's greatest ever player turned out for the club in the worst period in their history. But on the other hand, imagine where they would have been without him. 

Gerrard shepherded the club through the so-called wilderness, emerging from the fog with two FA Cups, three League Cups, a UEFA Cup and – most significantly – a Champions League. Not a bad return for a dry spell, really. The Champions League Final against AC Milan in 2005 was the apex of his career. Gerrard scored the crucial goal which got Liverpool back into the game after going into the second half 3-0 down and won the penalty which eventually led to Liverpool’s equaliser.

It was a prototypical example of Gerrard’s apparent mission in life: to bail Liverpool out, time and time again. His sheer force of will, as well as the force behind his thunderous runs and surface-to-air missile long-range strikes, were often enough on their own. The 2006 FA Cup Final was christened the “Gerrard Final” after his two goals, including a 91st minute 30-yard thunderbolt, once again brought Liverpool back from the brink.

There were chances to move, to Chelsea and Real Madrid among others, but Gerrard stayed loyal. He will surely be rewarded one day with a statue outside Anfield. 

Throughout Gerrard’s career he’s worn some classic kits. Check out our range of Gerrard shirts above.

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