Retro Arsenal Shirts

Arsenal Retro Kits

Vintage Arsenal shirts, including the classic Adidas Arsenal shirt 

A selection of retro Arsenal shirts, including vintage Arsenal shirts, training kits and jackets. All our retro Arsenal kits are original and authentic, covering classic Arsenal shirts from the early 90s up until the latest season football shirts. 

The collection includes printed vintage Arsenal jerseys with legends such as Thierry HenryDennis Bergkamp and other legends, as well as a wide range of retro Adidas Arsenal football shirts and retro Arsenal tops. 

Classic Arsenal kits are iconic. Show any football fan a red shirt with white sleeves and their first thought will be Arsenal. Manager Herbert Chapman first adopted the design in 1933, with some debating whether he got the idea from seeing a fan wearing a sleeveless red pullover over a white shirt or from a newspaper cartoonist friend, Tom Webster, who had the design (in blue and white) rejected by Chelsea.

The 2005-06 season was the only exception, with Arsenal wearing an all redcurrant (or burgundy) football kit with gold detailing to mark their last season at Highbury before moving to the new Emirates stadium. Perhaps to the traditionalists surprise, it remains a popular shirt. White, blue and a mixture of all three colours have also been used, with the redcurrant often appearing as a contrast colour. Perhaps the strangest colour combination for Arsenal was the 2012-13 away shirt in purple and black hoops, with red cuffs to the sleeves. 

Retro Arsenal Shirts

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