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Original Vintage Retro Arsenal Shirts & Kit

Vintage Retro Arsenal Shirts

Authentic Classic Arsenal Kit 

A selection of original vintage Arsenal football shirts including classic home, away and training kits and jackets. These retro Arsenal kits span from the early 90s covering some of thier most iconic old kits, up until the latest season jerseys.

The collection includes printed shirts with legends such as Thierry HenryDennis Bergkamp and other legends. 

Retro Arsenal Kits through the Years 

In English football, few have a history as rich and storied as Arsenal. Along the way, they have sported some of the most iconic, era-defining classic football shirts in modern history. Such is their legacy that many of Arsenal’s recent kits have been a nod to their forerunners in days gone by – the JVC-sponsored, bruised banana away shirt worn between 1991 and 1993, for example, is loved by football kit collectors. 

Yellow has been a recurring theme for retro Arsenal away kits through the years. They wore it in the Invincible 03-04 campaign, although that shirt was a lighter, arguably more sickly shade. The Gunners returned to yellow for the 05-06 campaign in which they reached the Champions League final only to be defeated by two late goals – had they held out, that Arsenal vintage football shirt would surely have a much greater nostalgic value. In recent years, Arsenal kits were sponsored by Puma, who returned time and time again to yellow. If it ain't broke... 

When it comes to classic Arsenal home shirts, however, Arsenal haven't deviated much from the tried and tested formula – which isn't to say it hasn't produced some really fine kits. All of Adidas's recent efforts have been superb and the Nike retro Arsenal kits of the late Noughties were classy, uncomplicated looks. When they have strayed from the path, the results have been phenomenal. The 08-09 home kit, for example, was perhaps the North London club's magnum opus. Nike opted for a more stripped-back design on the sleeves, with a single white stripe offset with a burgundy border.

Another example of Arsenal making a left-field move when it came to their home kit was the 05-06 maroon edition. With a low collar, centred badge and that O2 sponsor, the divergence from the traditional red-with-white-sleeves shirt was welcomed universally by Arsenal fans. It holds particularly strong memories given that it was the last kit Arsenal wore at their old home, Highbury. Arsenal have been looking to rediscover those halcyon days ever since. 

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