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Top 5 Copa America 2021 Shirts

Top 5 Copa America 2021 Shirts

In regards to flair and talent, Copa America is one of the best football tournaments in the world. Superstars like Leo Messi, Luis Suarez, Alexis Sanchez, and Neymar will give their best to make their country the continent's greatest football force, and they will do it in style, wearing some vibrant, gorgeous jerseys.

Today, we have ranked the top 5 shirts that will feature in Copa America 2021.


5. Chile Home

Chile Home Kit Copa America 2021 (The 18)

The Chile home shirt boasts a stylish collar, and it comes in the trademark La Roja red. Traditional Chilean textile designs influenced the accents on the sides of the kit. Nike attempted to do something different without making substantial changes to the classic Chile home shirt. We would say the use of the unique patterns on the blue sidebars achieved that feat. 

4. Uruguay Away

Uruguay Home Shirt Copa America 2021 (Footy Headlines)

The Uruguay away kit is similar to the minimalistic Puma away shirts we have seen in the Euros. It has a white background with the Uruguayan Football Association crest appearing all over the shirt in subtle engravings. The blue trims is a nod to the Uruguay home colours. We understand that this kit might not be a universal hit, but we really liked the schematic appearance of the shirt. 

Paraguay Home

Paraguay Home Kit Copa America 2021 (Todo Sobre Camisetas)

This is Puma's first attempt at designing the Paraguay jersey, and it didn't disappoint Los Guaraníes fans. The customary white and red stripes return, but the scaly graphic in the lower end of the shirt makes it stand out. It is a reference to Paraguay's traditional lace art named Ñandutí. The inner collar reads “Ndaipóri Khyhjé” (Without Fear), which adds more to the Paraguayan identity of the shirt. 

2. Argentina Away

Argentina Away Kit Copa America 2021 (Adidas)

Argentina's away strip is based on Adidas's Condivo 20 template. While the design is nothing new, what makes this kit truly special to us is the colour combinations Adidas went with. The midnight blue colour goes really well with La Albiceleste sky blue. Adidas has used this template for other shirt, but it doesn't feel repetitive here. 

1. Ecuador Home

Ecuador Home Kit Copa America 2021 (Footy Headlines)

Marathon has bettered the likes of Nike, Puma, and Adidas to come up with the best Copa America 2021 jersey. The new Ecuador home shirt is the perfect shirt to debut the new logo of the Ecuadorian Football Federation. It has a striking blend of yellow and black stripes, which gives it a modern, fashionable look. 

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