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How Venezia Became The Fashion Icon of Football

How Venezia Became The Fashion Icon of Football

What was the most talked-about football shirt this season? Was it a Manchester United shirt? Or, perhaps it was a Paris Saint-Germain one? No? Arsenal, Ajax, Bayern Munich, or Juventus? Wrong again? The answer is Venezia, a club that has just made it back to the Italian top-flight football.

As a neutral, why would you care about the jersey of a club that does not belong to the upper echelon of European football? Venezia have never won the Serie A, they do not have a glorious European legacy, and they have been absent in the landscape of top-tier football in Italy for 19 years before gaining promotion back to the Serie A this season. This is not the typical profile of a club that has a global fan following.

The Venezia home kit got sold out within 8 hours of its release (Sport Bible)

But, the club has turned heads with its impeccable jersey design. Both the home and away kits of Venezia have garnered widespread acclaim for its unique design and sublime colour co-ordination. The jerseys are so glamorous that they will not seem out of place in a fashion show.

The navy blue home shirt features elements of gold as a tribute to the heritage of Venice, the home town of the club. Gold holds a prominent part in the history and art of ancient Venice, so the touch of gold is a thoughtful nod to the cultural and architectural affluence of the Floating City.

For the sake of authenticity, the centre of the shirt is devoid of any sponsor logos. Instead, the designers chose to flaunt the club’s name in bold, aureate fonts. The golden stars in the shirt are in arranged in a ‘’V’’ shaped orientation to resemble the stars seen in the façade of the Saint Marco Basilica. The orange and green accents, on the other hand, symbolizes the fans of the club.

Following the overwhelming success of the home shirt, the anticipation for the Venezia away shirt escalated to unprecedented heights. Thankfully, Kappa, Venezia’s shirt sponsors, lived up to expectations once again.

The triangular patterns on the Venezia 21/22 away shirt resemble the classic Venetian mosaic pattern (Venezia FC)

The Kappa Venezia FC 21-22 away football shirt has a unique and contemporary design. It is a fundamentally soft beige shirt with a remarkable triangular detail that covers the traditional colours of Venezia. A black band runs across the chest with ‘’Venezia’’ emblazoned on it in golden letters.

But, there is more to the club than conspicuously beautiful jerseys.

Venice was central to the European Renaissance, and the city’s football club befittingly went through a renaissance of its own.

Since the club’s establishment in 1097, Venezia have whisked back and forth in the top two tiers of Italian football. But, the club enjoyed most of its success in its early periods.

In the 1940/41 season, when Europe was living through the horrors of the Second World War, Venezia lifted the Copa Italia trophy for the first time in their history. To date, it is the only piece of first-tier silverware the club has won. The season after that, Venezia finished third in the Serie A, which is also their best performance in the league till now.

After the war, it has been a rollercoaster ride for Venezia. The club suffered relegation from Serie A in 1947 and could not return until 1961. In between, they had even gone down to Serie C. The club had suffered more relegations in the following years and plummeted to Serie D at one point.

The club’s problems took a turn for the worse at the turn of the millennia. Venezia were declared three times between 2005 and 2015, and they seemed to have reached a point of no return.

But, a Phoenix-like return was right around the corner.

In 2015, a US consortium took charge of the club and it was the start of the modern Venezia FC we know today. 

The downhill journey of the club came to an end as they earned promotion from Serie D to Serie C in 2016. The club worked its way up through the ranks of Italian football, and eventually found itself back in the topmost stratum of Italian football.

Venezia had to beat incredible odds to reach Serie A, which makes this story even more fascinating. In the final match of their 20/21 Serie B season, Venezia needed to pick up all three points to ensure a return to the promised land that is Serie A.

But, the night was about to end in agony for Venezia as they found themselves a man down in injury time, and the score was locked 1-1. They were so close, yet so far!

Nonetheless, Riccardo Bocalon miraculously lofted the ball past the opposition keeper to make it 2-1 and send ruptures throughout the stands of Stadio Pier Luigi Penzo.

Within five years, the new owners have restored Venezia to the top flight. Apart from the on-pitch success, the new administration took some brilliant decisions to expand the brand of the club to an extent that beseems the grandeur of its native city.

The club wanted to associate itself with the core identities that define the city of Venice. They wanted to symbolize the city’s elegant culture and architecture through its appearance.

The Venezia 21/22 third kit has an electric blue base colour which represents the pristine waters of the Venetian Lagoon (The Kitman)


So, the club kit and the emblem went through a drastic redesign and Nike joined the team to materialize the artistic vision of the club in their jerseys.

More emphasis was put in the new kits on the club’s iconic orange and green colour schemes, complemented by vague shades of gold. Consequently, Venezia and Nike started to put out some of the most stunning football shirts we have seen. In 2020, New York-based design agency Fly Nowhere took charge of the club’s branding and all of a sudden, Venice was home to the most fashionable team in the world.

Nike was instrumental in Venezia’s global cult status. So, it raised quite a few eyebrows when Venezia parted ways with the US sportswear giant and signed a new deal with Kappa. People were right to have their doubts, but now it is quite evident that the torch was passed on to the right party.


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