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How Notts County Inspired The Juventus Home Shirt

How Notts County Inspired The Juventus Home Shirt

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Juventus is the iconic black and white stripes of the Serie A giants. Some of the best footballers of all time including Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, and Michel Platini have graced the pitch wearing the classic Juventus colours. 

Intriguingly, the origin of the Juventus home shirt is tied to a English side currently playing in Conference Premier, the fifth tier of English football. 

Let's go back 118 years in time, when football was nothing more than a community pastime. Footballers could barely afford a decent meal with their earnings back then. So, passion was the primary motivating force for playing the game in those times. 

Sport-Club Juventus started its journey on November 1, 1897. A group of Torinese students found the club, and in their first few seasons, they wore pink shirts. 

Since there were no sponsorships, players had to wear the same shirt over and over again. The repeated washing of the shirt would discolour it, also it was similar to the shirt Palermo players used to wear. So, Juventus members were looking for a new kit design. 

Tom Gordon Savage With His Family (Pride Of Nottingham)

John Gordon Savage, a Nottingham native, was one of the players of the original Juventus team. Savage wrote to a friend of his home citing his club's search for a new jersey. His friend send him a set of Notts County's black and white shirts. The design was an instant hit in the club, and it held on to it ever since. The club's nickname ''Bianconeri'' translates to ''black and white.''

Juventus Wearing The Black And White Stripes For The First Time In 1903 (Zebra Identity)

Juventus and Notts County now stand on polar opposites. Notts County, despite being the first professional football club in the world, are four levels below top flight football. On the other hand, Juventus became one of the biggest clubs in Europe with envious success and resources. 

Notts County played in the inaugural match of the Juventus Stadium (One Football)

But, Juventus never forgot their connection with the Meadow Lane Magpies. In 2011, they invited Notts County to play in the opening game of their new stadium. Notts County, who were playing at League One at that time, held the hosts to a 1-1 draw. The likes of Alessandro del Piero, Andrea Pirlo, and Gianluigi Buffon played for Juventus that day. 



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